Disappointments make you think

ImageWhen you are trying to run a business alone you will often times run into disappointments. It is not so bad when you have someone to share the disappointments with but when you are all alone, it is just that all alone…lol…

I recently made some purchases to make products for a sale I thought would finally give my business the boost I needed to at least get started and let others try my products. Well the sale was a big disappointment. Although, I was happy for the one person who made a nice size purchase, ultimately I was disappointed because I really thought I would get some recognition.

Well, we live and we learn. I am now thinking differently about the club. I had an underlying thought it would be generally a popularity type situation but put those feelings aside and jumped all in. I purchased ingredients, containers, tried to upgrade my labeling and pretty much was excited, only to be let down. But that is how it goes in business, you win some and you lose some. 

I will not let this setback stop me. Being an only child whose parents died way too soon didn’t stop me, being a single mom of four children didn’t stop me, cancer didn’t stop me, having a chronic illness didn’t stop me, and this recent setback will not stop me! I am a survivor and will continue to move on!! 


Adventure of the day!!

Adventure of the day!!

My adventure of the day was…I decided to go ahead and relax my hair and after rinsing the relaxer from my hair and reaching for the neutralizing shampoo realized it was NOT shampoo, there was none in the box…OMG!!I could immediately tell something was not right….my hair felt stripped…it was awful, I just knew I was going to be bald.

So I went to Google to see what to do and found out that relaxers raise your hair’s ph to around 12 and the shampoo is used to bring it back down. This prompted me to read more and just as I suspected a natural ingredient would help! Vinegar neutralizes so according to Glorious Angel of the beauty bookworm site, http://beautybookworm.blogspot.com/, I used 1 part apple cider vinegar and 3 parts water. My hair feels awesome now!

I am keeping my fingers crossed and using my other natural products such as shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, vitamin E, etc. to try to counteract any other damage. Will keep you updated!

Happy Father’s Day 2013

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful fathers of the world. Today is the day we give thanks for the fathers that have stepped up and taken their role seriously. They have been a consistent force in the life of their children whether they are biological fathers, step-fathers, adopted fathers or men who have stepped into a child’s life who didn’t have a father there for whatever reason. I want to give praise where it is due!

A few days ago one of my friends posed a question about the subject of people saying happy father’s day to a single mother who raised her children without the help of the father. My response to her was that although I understood her question and maybe how she may feel about the subject, we can not negate the feelings that child who decides to say happy father’s day to their mother has towards the subject. They have valid reasons for the way they feel and although we may not feel the same way, it is still their feelings and we can not change how they feel inside.

Have a wonderful day for those father’s who have been there and given a sparkle to the child who needed and still needs them.

Failed 1st Attempt @ Cupcake Soap Frosting!

I have been searching and searching for a frosting recipe for my cupcake soaps and my future soap cakes. I thought I had finally found one that was simple because I didn’t really want to use something that was calling for a lot of ingredients because basically those extra ingredients just increase the price of the product in the end.

I am also a fan of using my ingredients for more than one project. So, I had an idea to use cold process soap once it had thickened but wasn’t sure it would work and of all the videos that I had found no one shared their recipe or even said just wait until it thickens up…lol.

So I followed the recipe I found. Mistake!!

Well here is the recipe that I used which I found online from youtube but I can not remember the person, I do remember they never showed them actually putting the frosting on the cupcake soaps which should have been a red flag…lol…but they were actually advertising some type of princess party.


1 cup milk powder

10 squirts liquid hand soap

Essential oil or Fragrance oil

Food Coloring



Mix milk powder, e/o or f/o, hand soap and a dash of water. Stir until it reaches the desired consistency of frosting. Spoon it into the icing/piping bags w/tip and ice or frost your cupcakes. Let dry!

This is a picture of what happened to mine…


The consistency looked good and it went on smooth, then…lol…I left the room, when I returned about 5 minutes later they had fallen and were spongy! They smelled great though!

I decided to let then sit overnight and they did not get any better.  So that was a FAIL!!!

But to keep it from being a complete and total loss, I pulled the tops off of the cupcake soaps and placed them on a paper towel to see if they will harden and I can put a piece of string or yarn through them to hang then up as air fresheners. Waste not, want not!!

Happy Mother’s Day 2013


This day is always a bittersweet day for me because my mother is no longer with me on this earth. today is May 12, 2013, my son will be 25 years old today and tomorrow is May 13, 2013, which is the exact day my mother passed away 27 years ago. She died the Monday after Mother’s Day in 1986 and Mother’s day has not been the same since.

I stopped attending church on that Sunday because it was too painful to see the mothers and daughters together but then I had children of my own who wanted to celebrate, so what was I to do…lol! Well, I did what a mother does, I sat those feelings aside and went and had a marvelous time with my children and that is what I do every year to help me get through another year without you, mom!

I have 4 wonderful children and last year my oldest son made me a mother-in-law and grandmother, now this year my daughter is about to make me a grandmother again…lol…I just wanted to share a little bit with you about my Mother’s Day. It is not sad anymore but I will always miss my best friend!! Now if you are being sad today, don’t be, get up and go out and make this day a happy day!! ENJOY!!